Our team

This section will expose the core values and internal expertise of cryptohubble.com
The strength of our research team is their comprehensive background characterized by experiences in areas such as traditional finance, decentralized finance, manual trading, quantitative, NFTs development and launching new projects on blockchain.
Our team has active experiences holding key roles also in realities outside the industry such as traditional financial education companies such as financialab.it, or established realities in the marketing world such as up-ring.com, Popsi and BI Developer / Data Analytics realities such as Cluster Reply.
We also boast a host of private collaborators with whom we collaborate on a daily basis in a job-sharing relationship.
Indeed, there is no shortage of Web3 developers, Nft's collector with exclusive access in Alpha Channel Discord and Telegram, Crypto and DeFi Trader, Business Developer, DeFi Marketing Expert, Project Manager and Social Media Manager.